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    Julio's Golf Song  

I know that this may come as a surprise, 
But there seems to be a connection between golf and life.
Age is like your score in golf.
People say if the number is low, 
You’re much better off.

We’re not growing old.
Middle age will be just fine,
We’re just on life’s back nine.

You can be in our foursome anytime.
We’ll tee off promptly at 6:49.
We can golf until we retire,
Hell,  we can golf until we expire.


When we’re too old to walk the fairway,
We’ll ride in carts and play anyway.
It doesn’t matter if we’ve got old clubs and old bags,
Doesn’t matter if our equipment sags,


And when we reach the 18th hole in life
And  we’ve run all out of tee times.
In the end there’s just one thing to do, 
We’ll  just let God Play through.


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