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I’ve seen her walk into a crowded room
She flashes that smile and the people swoon
And everybody wants to be her friend.
If you want to talk to her just get in line
If you get lucky she’ll give you some time
And she’ll make you feel like you’re her long lost friend.

She’s a social chameleon.
Admired by both women and men.
Wanted everywhere she goes,
But you need to know
she’ll use you if she thinks she can.

I’ve seen it happen a million times,
She can change her colors without batting an eye
She can blend in anywhere she goes,
Everywhere it’s always the same,
Hearts flutter at the mention of her name
And I’ve yet to see anyone tell her no.


She beautiful but I’ve seen better
But when people meet her they can’t forget her,
They just get lost in her aura.
Her charm and smile are like a drug,
And her attitude may be a little smug,
Cause she knows you’ll do anything for her.


I wonder does she crave the attention,
Or is being popular not her intention.
I guess she can’t help it everyone wants to be her friend.
Are her feelings for you really genuine?
Does she give a damn inside?
Or is it just a means to and end?


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