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I’ve known her since I was young,   
She’s a kind and trusting soul.
She always was a pretty girl who felt a bit too tall.
Now her husband cruelly treats her,
The way she saw her dad treat her mom.
She thinks that’s all that she deserves, 
It’s the pain that comes with love.
Don’t we know….can’t we see.
Love is within our reach
Instead we just deny ourselves,
Afraid of being happy.
Why are we afraid of being happy?

He owns his home, he owns his land,   
He’s got a comfortable life
But he lashes out to criticize,     
How others live their lives.
To make up for the joy he lacks
He jeers at others behind their backs.
I guess it’s easier to judge others lives ,  than be happy with his own.


She’s finally in love again,  
But she wonders if it will last        
She’s being cautious this time,  
‘Cause she’s been hurt in the past.
She watches closely for any signs
That love may be fading  this time
So Instead of enjoying the love she has,  she’s just waiting for it to end.


 (instrumental bridge)

She dwells on talents that she lacks,  
Instead of  what she’s got
She doesn’t see how blessed she is, 
To be doing what she loves.
What she needs to see now,
Is that joy comes from inside not out.
You can’t live your life afraid to try,  
Afraid of being happy .


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